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Foundation Material

These common dance terms should be learned early; their purpose is to build a strong foundation on which to build your dancing.

 The Four Basic Elements:

  • Forward and Backward Walks
  • Side Steps to Left and Right
  • Triple Steps
  • Rock Steps

 The Five Foot Positions:

  • First Position: Feet Together
  • Second Position: Feet Apart, Side to Side
  • Third Position: Heel to Instep
  • Fourth Position: Feet Apart, Front and Back
  • Fifth Position: Toe to Heel, Toe Turned Out

 The Five Points of Contact:

  • Man's Left Hand to Lady's Right
  • Man's Right Hand to Lady's Shoulder Blade
  • Lady's Left Arm to Man's Elbow
  • Lady's Left Hand to Man's Right Shoulder
  • Diaphragm (Ballroom/Standard,) or Eye-to-Eye (Latin/Rhythm)

 The Five Dance Positions:

  • Closed
  • Open
  • Apart
  • Outside Partner/Partner Outside
  • Promenade

 Line of Dance (L.O.D.) :

The counter-clockwise direction of movement around the room used in Ballroom and Standard Dances.


The brushing action of the legs as one passes the other between steps.

 Rhythm and Timing:

  • Slow Step= 2 beats of music
  • Quick Step= 1 beat of music
  • Triple Step= 2 beats of music (1/2+1/2+1)

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