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Glossary of Terms (in no particular order)

See abbreviations for help interpreting the charts

Positions of the Feet: The position of one foot in relation to the other; a foot position may be described in the following ways:
  •  Forward: One foot in front of the other, albeit on its own track
  • Forward and slightly to side
  • Diagonally forward
  • Side and slightly forward
  • To side
  • Side and slightly back
  • Diagonally back
  • Back and slightly to side
  • Back
  • Forward or Back in CBMP (Contrary Body Movement Position) : One foot on or across the track of the supporting foot
  • PP (Promenade Position): A position where the Man's right side and the Lady's left side are in contact. and the opposite sides of the body open to form a V shape
  • OP (Outside Partner): A step outside partner on the right side
  • Side Leading: Taking the same side of the body either forward or backward with the moving foot

Alignment: The position of the feet in relation to the room. The terms "Facing" and "Backing" are used when the feet and the body are in line; "Pointing" is used when the foot is in a different alignment than the body.

Amount of Turn: Turn as measured between the feet

Rise and Fall: Rhythmic elevation and lowering through the feet, legs and body

No Foot Rise: Occurs when stepping back on the inside of most turns, where the heel of the supporting foot will remain in contact with the floor until full weight is taken onto the next step. This rise occurs in the legs and body only.

Footwork: Description of the parts of the foot in contact with the floor on any given step.

CBM (Contrary Body Movement): A body action where the opposite side of the body turns toward the moving leg

Sway: The inclination of the body away from the moving foot and toward the inside of a turn

Natural Turn: A turn to the right

Reverse Turn: A turn to the left

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