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 Gold Foxtrot Class Notes:

Here are complete notes on the choreography of the Foxtrot Formation for June 12. Here is the music.



1QQ, 2QQ-Hold, Lady on Man's Right Arm
QQ, 4QQ, 5QQ, 6QQ- Forward walks started with Right Foot
Man reaches his position in the circle and stops, feet together--QQ- Lady continues and turns to face him
(QQS) Lady steps forward into dance position

4) Fans to Oversway

1QQ- Single Twinkle
2QQ- Open Right Turn
3S- Right Side Fan
4Q&Q- Tipple Chasse ending with Pivot
5QQ- Natural Spin Turn ended in Promenade Position
6S- Promenade Walk to Oversway
7QQ- Finish Oversway to Twinkle Brush
8QQ- Feather Ending

ADD: Three Step and Feather (SQQ,SQQ)

3) Promenade Whiplash and Swivel

1QQ- Open Left Turn
Q&Q- Promenade Chasse (danced out from center,)
S- Promenade Whiplash
QS- Grapevine to Outside Swivel (from OP on L Side,) turning L
QQ- Outside Swivel (from OP on R side,) turning R, to weave from OP on L Side
QQQ- steps 3-6 of weave

1) Two-Way Apart Turns:

1QQ- Single Twinkle
2QQ- Open Right Turn ended in left side position
3QQ- Lunge in left side position, Two-way apart turn
4QS- continue turn into lunge in right side position
5QQQ- Two-way apart turn
6Q&Q- Syncopated underarm turn to right
7QQ-Twinkle from outside partner to promenade
8QQ- Feather ending

2) Checked Turns to Whiplash

1&QQ- Syncopated curved three step
2QQ- Contra-check (danced to center,) to slip pivot
3QQ- Double ronde to curved feather
4QQ- Outside change ended in promenade position
5S- Whiplash and slight rise
6QQ- Point outside partner, slip pivot
7QQ, 8QQ- Open left turn



Repeat entire sequence once: on the third repetition, man stops on step 7 (the fan following the open right turn,) and brings his feet together, allowing the lady to dance one complete free turn to her Right (QQS,) to end on her left foot in a right-to- right handhold, her right foot taps behind left in a curtsey.

Note on footwork for figure 1: For both partners, the footwork for the Lunge (S) should be Heel; construction and footwork of the apart turn itself consists of a pivot (Q-THT,) followed by a twinkle action danced with three Quicks; the footwork for this and all twinkle actions danced from forward movements should be HT-T-TH. The moving foot should brush the standing foot on the T step.

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