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Silver I East-Coast Swing

1) Double Underarm Roll

Two basic steps ended with two-hand hold

Four triple steps, man turning to right, lady turning to left

Natural underarm turn to basic step

(This figure may be danced as written, with the partners turning under the two joined hands; alternatively, it may be danced changing hands behind the partner's backs.)

2) Promenade Swivels:

Two Basic Steps ended with a braced hand hold

One chasse followed by one promenade lock

Four Quick Promenade Swivels

Natural Underarm Turn to Basic Step

3) The Manhattan

Two Natural Lindy Turns ended in a two-hand hold

Man dances Natural Lindy turn as he leads Lady with his left hand to dance 1/2 turn to her left on the first triple (R,L,R;); he then uses his right hand to lead her to dance a lindy-rhythm pivot to her right (L. foot back, right foot forward,) followed by a triple step, (L,R,L,) continuing to turn to her right, and ended in open facing position with her left hand in his right.

These two measures are repeated, with the man leading entirely with his right hand.

To end, the man lead the lady with his right hand to dance a free turn to her left in basic rhythm.

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